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Friday, August 10, 2018


The-Homebrewer-San-Diego George Thornton, owner of The Homebrewer. Photo Credit: The Homebrewer
San Diego Store Named First AHA Homebrew Shop of the Year

GUEST BLOG / By Millie Shamburger, American Homebrewers Association
San Diego homebrew shop The Homebrewer wins first-ever American Homebrewers Association Homebrew Shop of the Year award.

The local homebrew shop plays an integral role in a local homebrewing community. Not only does it supply ingredients and equipment to make beer at home, but it’s also a source of learning for newbies, a gathering spot for homebrew clubs, a host for local competitions, and so much more.

To recognize the importance of supply shops to their local communities and the greater homebrewing hobby, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) has established the Homebrew Shop of the Year Award. Presented at Homebrew Con, the Shop of the Year Award recognizes a homebrew shop that helps spread the homebrew gospel while providing a great customer experience.

This year, the first ever Homebrew Shop of the Year Award was given to The Homebrewer, a San Diego-based shop opened by George Thornton (pictured top right) in 2012. The Homebrewer earned top marks among 99 shops nominated by AHA members, with judges evaluating shops on community support, homebrew education, customer service, homebrew promotion, and responsible business practices.

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Thornton and The Homebrewer team are known for their top-notch, consistent inventory of fresh ingredients and for fostering a welcoming educational environment–including classes for all levels of homebrewers! A majority of their staff are Cicerone and/or Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) certified, allowing them to provide knowledgeable brewing insight while maintaining a friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere.

Homebrew Shop of the Year Award
The Homebrewer employee Chris Manzi (left) accepts his award from American Homebrewers Association business coordinator Millie Shamburger during Homebrew Con 2018 in Portland, Ore.
But for the Homebrewer Shop it doesn’t stop there. Beyond the beer, The Homebrewer hosts neighborhood trash pick-ups, complete with discounted beers at the shop’s affiliated commercial brewery (Home Brewery Co.), helps support local art installations, and organizes a homebrew festival fundraiser to showcase local homebrewers’ creations while raising funds for a local school.

Keep your eyes peeled for information on the 2019 Shop of the Year Award, and be ready to nominate your favorite local homebrew shop!



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