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Tuesday, August 7, 2018


San Diego County's first brewery owned bayside biergarten

What started out as a three-brewery business incubator site in San Diego’s historic North Park craft beer neighborhood, Eppig Brewery is feeling the success of its second beer centric operation in less than two years of its corporate existence.

The new bier garden is a hit.  The beer, the views blends in with the mellow we call San Diego.

Located in Point Loma along San Diego Harbor, the tasting shop was once a boat repair facility

West Coaster craft beer magazine writer Brandon Hernandez calls Eppig’s Biergarten “the first ever harborside, brewery owned venue in San Diego County.  Plans call for its sunny patio to be expanded to a whopping 2,200 square feet. “But even as is (see photo above) there’s still plenty of room for patrons to imbibe al fresco, on rail bars overlooking the water and German-style biergarten tables offering bay vistas from North Island to Downtown.”

And, while it may be packed during the summer tourist season, locals know to be patient because after Labor Day the Arizonies, who visit our beaches go home for the school year.

San Diego’s real summer goes from Mid-gray skies in July to scorching heat in mid-October.  Plenty of time to find a seat at Eppig’s new and very cool waterside biergarten.

Photo by Brandon Hernandez appeared in the March 2018 issue of magazine and shows (left to right): Eppig Brewing's Jesse Johnson, Gregg Griffin and Gordon Brown at Eppig's new biergarten in Point Loma.

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