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Saturday, March 20, 2021


GUEST BLOG / By Kris Gunnars,
--Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages. Thanks to its high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, it also seems to be quite healthy. 

Studies show that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several serious diseases. Thanks to our friends at for the next few Saturdays, this column will highlight one at a time the top 13 health benefits of coffee. 

Here’s Number Nine: 


Can Fight Depression and Make You Happier

Depression is a serious mental disorder that causes a significantly reduced quality of life. It’s very common, as about 4.1% of people in the US currently meet the criteria for clinical depression. 

In a Harvard study published in 2011, women who drank 4 or more cups of coffee per day had a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed. 

Another study in 208,424 individuals found that those who drank 4 or more cups per day were 53% less likely to die by suicide. 

SUMMARY Coffee appears to lower your risk of developing depression and may dramatically reduce suicide risk.


WEEKLY COFFEE QUIZ--Looking for a safe place to drink coffee.
Where in the world is this coffee establishment? Answer next
Saturday in Coffee Beans & Beings post. 


— Before I founded I was editor of San Francisco Magazine, I lived on Lombard Street as it climbed to Telegraph Hill park. From my kitchen window the aroma of coffee being roasted permeated historic North Beach, the neighborhood known as the City’s Italian heritage culinary capital. Of course, that meant Graffeo Coffee (above) was busy roasting its amazing collection of coffee blends. 

Whenever I smell coffee being roasted, I think of Graffeo’s. Graffeo was founded in 1935 and over the years has garnered praise from around the world, including a love letter from Ruth Reichl of the New York Times, “To me Graffeo Coffee is rich, full and never bitter." Graffeo offers its coffee ground or whole bean to the public by the pound. No coffee served on the premises. 

Most San Franciscans get their coffee served in restaurants as Graffeo is one of North America's oldest artisan coffee roasters and remains a family-run company passed on down through generations. 

Graffeo Coffee Roasting Company 735 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133. 

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