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Tuesday, July 26, 2022


California coast, Los Angeles, Mojave Desert, Salton Sea, San Diego, Channel Islands, Gulf of California and North Baja Peninsula.

Using NASA/ISS archives of a single real time journey around Earth is the subject of “Orbit,” a film by Sean Doran that is supported by an excellent soundtrack by Phaeleh.  To begin CLICK HERE.

Hour/Minute Log 

[Note: The film bounces around it is not a true orbit]. 

1:42 Portugal and Spain. Strait of Gibraltar. Entrance to the Mediterranean 

2:50 North Africa and the Sahara Desert 

4:30 Algeria 

5:45 Tassili N'Ajjer National Park -left. Ahaggar National Park-on right 

9:10 Suez Gulf. The delta of the river Nile. The Sinai Peninsula. Faiyum Oasis, river Nile Egypt 

10:15-11:20 Red sea 

23:30 Farasan Island Marine Sanctuary. Dahlak Archipelago, Red Sea 

24:00 Jeddah-left. Jazan is on right. Saudi Arabia 

26:25 Buraydah-left, Riyadh- on right. Saudi Arabia 

27:40 Persian Gulf, Kuwait City-Kuwait. Al Jubail, Dammam-Saudi Arabia. Bahrain. Qatar. Abu Dhabi, Dubai- United Arab Emirates. 

28:50 Isfahan-left, Shiraz- on right: Iran 

30:00 top left Ashgabat-Turkmenistan, to the right Mashhad- Iran 

32:00 Central Africa 

34:32 Chad, Sudan 

36:30 river Nile 

38:00 Red Sea 

39:30 Al Khanafah Wildlife Sanctuary - Saudi Arabia 

43:20 Caspian Sea southern part, Iranian Highlands 

45:05 Kaplankyr Reserve, The Amudarya River, the Karakum Desert 

48:35 Lake Balkhash-Kazakhstan 

50:30 The Altai Mountains 

52:59 Khovsgol Lake( Mongolia) and Sayan Mountains 

54:20 Lake Baikal, in southern Siberia 

59:15 Vladivostok and Lake Khanka- on the right, Primorsky Krai- Russia 

01:00:10 Strait of Tartary 

01:03:27 Europe: Alps, France, Germany, North Italy, Switzerland, Lake Constance, Lake Geneva, Ligurian Sea, Corsica 

01:05:05 Europe: Adriatic Sea, western Balkans, central Italy 

1:10:40 Caspian Sea southern part, Garabogazk√∂l Basin, Turkmenbashi Gulf, Bay, Cheleken Peninsula, Balkan-Turkmenistan 

1:11:57 Kopet Dag Mountains 

1:13:25 Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pamir mountains 

1:14:15 Registan Desert-Afghanistan 

1:14:50 Balochistan mountains - Pakistan 

1:15:25 Los Angeles - California - USA and Southwest Coast 

01:16:35-01:21:06 Gulf of California, Baja Peninsula, west coast of Mexico 

01:21:07 Guadalajara and Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico 

01:23:15 Grand Canyon National Park-USA 

01:24:52 Colorado and The Great Plains - USA 

01:26:15 Black Hills National Forest - is located in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming. The Platte River. The Missouri River. 

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