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Thursday, June 28, 2012


WEEKEND FOOD EVENT--Hillcrest beer centric Local Habit Farm Fresh and Craft Beer Gastropub is celebrating its first anniversary. Located in the ex Hillcrest Theatre on Fifth Avenue, the popular eatery has organized this coming weekend geared to please both avid foodies and discerning beer drinkers. Starting Friday, June 29 and ending Sunday, the event’s menu was determined by way of an online survey.

The top four vote-getters:

--Almond Riocotta Ravioli w/ Artichoke & Thyme

-- Pork Belly w/ Beer Carmel & Bleu Cheese

--Oyster Po’Boy

--Roasted Carrot & Beet Cous Cous.

The beer promises to be on par with the food. Hess Brewing has created a Rye IPA, aptly named Loci Habitus, and custom glassware created for the event will be given each day to the first 40 patrons.

Craft beer brewer Mike Hess describes the beer: “I haven’t done a Rye IPA in a while, not since I opened Hess a few years ago. Back then as a homebrewer, I discovered that I liked the zip that rye malt adds, so I started there. For hops, I love Chinook (I used them in Anno Unum) and I also sought something that wasn’t your typical C (centennial, cascade, columbus, citrus-y) hop. I also wanted something that would work with the creole-type seasoning. My search led me to Sterling, a complex hop that is balanced and has a Saaz-type pepper character that I think would be a natural with Creole. Combined with Chinook and using both all the way through – bittering, flavor, in the whirlpool and dry-hopping – should get us a nice 7.5% IPA, 88 IBUs.”

Loci Habitus Rye IPA will be available in the commemorative Willi Becher pint glass first come first served.

In addition to Hess’s Loci, the remaining 11 Local Habit taps will include Lost Abbey’s Deliverance and Angel’s Share.

Food Photo: By Thomas Ackerman & Local Habit.

Info: Local Habit, 3827 Fifth Ave., 619-795-4770,

Hess Brewing Tasting Room, 7955 Silverton Ave., #1201, Miramar area, San Diego, 619-786-4377.

Based on a previous blog in; used by permission.

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