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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


THANKS, DAD, THANKS MOM—D-Day is when our family celebrates Memorial Day and Veterans Day. We’re one of the few homes in the neighborhood to trot out Old Glory on June 6 and let it wave from the front porch.

Nope, we aren’t asking for a medal.

You see, we already have a couple that we have proudly inherited from:

Major Glenn William Adkisson, Sr. United States Army, Tank Corps, Normandy, Belgium, Germany.

Silver Star

Private Thomas Shess, Sr. United States Army, Infantry, Normandy.

Purple Heart

Phyllis Trax (Adkisson) WWII service: Nurse.

Stella Martin (Shess), Clerk, U.S. Office of Censorship.

Thank you!

And, of course, thank you a couple of million times more to your brothers and sisters in arms.

Images: Adkisson (top) and Shess family archives.

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