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Monday, December 23, 2013


Apple’s Holiday i-Phone commercial for 2013: note phone in teen's hand.

SEASON’S BEST HOLIDAY COMMERCIAL—Each year American companies spent lots of money on creating TV commercials aimed at holiday shoppers.  Apple is no different, but what makes them unique is the content of the most recent 90-second pitch for its new i-Phone.

We just have to recall our college writing class to understand what makes great writing is universal appeal of the topic.  This time Apple gets an “A.”

If you link the address below you’ll see the commercial plus what Time Magazine thought of the holiday spot.

About Apple’s ad agency:

TBWA\Media Arts Lab (TBWA\MAL) was launched in 2006 and is made up of a broad collective of creative talent from a diversity of backgrounds and media disciplines. With client Apple at its core, the group develops communication ideas that leverage all kinds of innovations. It is a place for experimentation for new ideas about connecting people with brands.

The TBWA\Media Arts Lab is part of a huge global ad agency network:

TBWA Worldwide is an international advertising agency whose headquarters are in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The Agency is a part of Omnicom Group, the world's largest advertising agency holding company. It was founded in 1970 in Paris, France, by William G. Tragos (American, Management), Claude Bonnange (French, Marketing), Uli Wiesendanger (Swiss, Creation), and Paolo Ajroldi (Italian, Client Services).  The first letter of each founder's name provided the initials for the new organization. They were purchased by the Omnicom Group in 1993.

TBWA (the giant) unites more than 11,000 people, operating in 274 agencies, in 100 different countries and across 22 specialty disciplines including Design, Digital, Retail Activation and Theatre, Sports Sponsorship, CRM, CSR and
Cause Related Marketing, Custom Publishing, Mobile Utility, Event Marketing and Brand Amplification.

Defining TBWA’s self image as a Disruptive force.
Disruption is always our starting point for any brand, global or local. Not only does it drive the strategic development of our client solutions by challenging and overturning the conventions of any marketplace; it also creates a common language and understanding across our network for the brands we lead. Defining the Disruptive Strategy, however, is only half of the equation. The other half is to make sure that we craft an idea brief from the right perspectives and engage the right disciplines so that we make full use of the Media Arts landscape.

Every agency in the TBWA network is fluent in Disruption and Media Arts. It means that we are all constantly evaluating and documenting the shifts in the media landscape and their impact on audience behavior. And it is this commitment that allows us to serve global brands differently than our competition.

TBWA is ranked as a top-10 worldwide advertising agency and was recognized by Advertising Age in 2010 as the "Best International Network of the Decade." Fast Company magazine placed TBWA 24th on its 2009 list of “The Worldʼs 50 Most Innovative Companies" and as an Innovation All-Star in 2010.

What is Disruptive Strategy:
Here’s an update from Forbes Magazine:

TBWA's worldwide client list (partial list)

Media Memos:
--Publisher of the late Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl with...” triller series has come to terms with Swedish writer David Lagercrantz to write a fourth “The Girl with...” novel.  The new book is planned for a August 2015 debut.
--Ex CIA operative turned author Jason Matthews, discusses in a video snippet several spy terms he uses in his best selling novel “The Red Sparrow” (Simon & Schuster).

Also, the publisher’s website offers a fascinating glossary of spycraft terms.

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