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Monday, December 30, 2013


Loren Nancarrow
DETAILS AT ELEVEN--Loren Nancarrow (1953-2013) passed away Saturday night.  San Diego media and social media have been discussing how bravely he fought the brain cancer that ended his life.  Didn’t know Loren but like so many San Diegans we knew of him. 

He was a TV newsman who came across as a genuine person.  His goodness came through the tube.   Most of us have lost a friend we never met.

I think he would have been uncomfortable at being called a TV icon, but he was—in his own special, low key way.  He was an icon because he was Loren Nancarrow—human being.  He was a San Diegan, who spoke San Diegan.  That’s what I saw when I watched Loren and I bet if I did meet him he’d be the same friendly guy, who accepted the slings and arrows of media management in this town with a smile.

Television personalities in Loren’s lifetime were bigger than life.  TV and newspapers were the best, fastest way to get the breaking news.  He was among the best broadcasters in town.

Now, with the Internet/social media explosion we’re not so dependent on print and TV to give us the news.  Many of us still catch the 10 pm or 11 pm news and read one or two newspapers a day, but we’re in the minority.  Newer generations will not have the bond we had with newsmen like Loren Nancarrow.  Computer screens are short on wit and a wry smile.

His passing is more than just one man gone.  We’re losing how an entire industry does business.  Remember when CNN news was more than just travel stories?  Remember when we could relate to broadcasters like Loren Nancarrow.   Now, local broadcasting is only news and sports.  Thank goodness for public broadcasting that somehow still gets better every day.

Loren Nancarrow was his own station, his own network and as a viewer I’ll miss him because I know there’s no one in the wings that will replace him.

Loren was quick to reinvent himself.  He embraced blogs and he blogged right to the end.  The last post on his blog appeared December 16.
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