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Monday, December 9, 2013


New Yorker admiring intricate brushstrokes, depth of field and subtle hues in this series of paintings found hanging at the Museum of Modern Art earlier this fall
I CAN DO THAT--By Holden DeMayo, artist--Yes, I am showing my total ignorance of modern art, but who cares (there’s more of us than them) because I’ve decided to abandon my career as a serial blogger to become an oil painter.  Canvas, brushes and easels are the new me. 

This career change began as paintings for artworks soar into the millions of dollars.
This is not satire--au contraire--this is art and as a result,
I now have several
similar pieces hanging in my home, office and garage.

Granted, I’m no Warhol or Hockney, but I know one thing for sure and that’s that I can create similar paintings as I witnessed recently during a visit to the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Again, mea culpa because I’m obviously dumber than the folks at NY’s MOMA, but I remain nonplussed as to why the art posted here finds itself on a wall inside a famed Manhattan museum of art.

Happy Holidays!

The Twenty-Eighth Street Gallery of Post-Minimalism: L’ecole du Ici et Maintenant presents a new work by Holden DeMayo:  Titled “Noir.” It is a stunning companion to earlier work posted on this blog by the same artist.  It captures in total the inner vision of the artist in repose.  The gallery reports the series has been sold out.

Planet Earth welcome “Noir” by Holden DeMayo:

New installation by this Gallery will debut January 1, 2015
in San Diego, California.

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