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Friday, July 18, 2014


Next best thing or a $400 paperweight?
BEER IDEA GETS A KICKSTARTER--Steve Young has several Kickstarter projects under his belt, but the lastest has home brew aficionados taking a hard look.  Called Synex, it is a personal beer tap system that uses interchangeable bag cartridges to deliver packaged beer one gallon at a time.  The CO2 fueled system’s funding period on Kickstarter ends July 24, according to Young and Kickstarter websites.

What has brewers interested is the Synex system has the capability of keeping the bag of beer fresh for a month.  Young said brewers have long complained that current growler delivery systems only keep beer fresh for hours.

To make this work, consumers have to purchase the Synek system (under $400 or so when the suds hit the glass) and locate a ready supply of CO2 cartridges and brewers, who will “tap” into the Synex system.

Young insists he has partnered with dozens of craft beer brands, mainly middle to eastern America to fill the cartridges.

What is intriguing is beer lovers can go to a brewer with the special hose provided free by Synek and fill the interchangeable, reusable cartridges without the beer ever going out into daylight.

The Kickerstarter site has a complete FAQ section on the synek.

Downside is the CO2 issue and the one gallon limit per bag.  But, if you’re into variety get several bags.  And, it will be high maintenance at a big party.

To this blog the concept is between carpe diem and emptor cavete.


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