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Monday, July 7, 2014


July 7: Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.  Hotel La Perla top, left is the perfect perch to watch the annual action.
Fiestas de San Fermin, Pamplona, Spain, 6-14 de Julio
THE LEGENDARY GRAN HOTEL LA PERLA—Remodeled in 2007, The Gran Hotel La Perla,, central to the heart of Pamplona, was by all accounts Ernest Hemingway's favorite destination when he visited the city.  At almost 130 years old, the hotel is the second oldest in Spain.  Don’t ask what the oldest is because we don’t know.

Personalities such as Charlie Chaplin, Pablo Sarasate, Orson Welles and the Aga Khan have also stayed at the hotel. You can look at the hotel’s old reservations books that display these famous names.

Wander right out into the center of the city, famous for its San Fermin bull chase. You can find the Plaza del Castillo and bullring within feet of the property.

You can also enjoy delicious local cuisine at the Gran Hotel La Perla's traditional restaurant.

The comfortable (soundproof and air conditioned) rooms are designed according to different themes, reflecting this hotel's amazing history.

Hotel La Perla at the opposite end of the Plaza de Castillo, circa 1920.

Modern day Plaza de Castillo

American author Ernest Hemingway holding court outside La Perla Hotel in Pamplona, Spain

Craziness along the Plaza de Castillo after the bulls run through the streets of Pamplona

Cafe Iruna, just off the Plaza de Castillo

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