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Thursday, October 8, 2020


Republic of Sudan’s population is 42 million (2018). Its capital is Khartoum. Travel writers say Sudan is a poor country but it is one of the easiest places to travel thanks to the hospitality of its citizens.
The Foodist team here at Daily Online Magazine is always delighted to post cuisine news from around the world. This week we only had to go four blocks from our offices in San Diego to discover the culinary delights of Sudan, courtesy of Project CHOP. 

Each week Project CHOP’s team (led by Chef Andrew) comes up with a savory menu featuring a different part of the world. The public can order these family sized dinners to go. 

Chef Andrew’s staff had our pre-ordered, pre-paid Sudan family meal for 3 ready for curbside pick up.  

Located in San Diego’s historic North Park, a brand-new commercial kitchen within St. Luke's Episcopal Church (3725 30th St.), Project CHOP is a social enterprise catering and food company. CHOP was created to provide low–literacy refugee women the opportunity to learn critical job skills and vocational English in a real, on-the-job setting. 

Prepared daily by Chef Andrew’s team, these meals explore his co-chefs and students diverse cultural backgrounds as well as celebrate the abundant produce we have available in the San Diego area. Every meal features local fresh produce, some from a nearby neighborhood garden. 

Recently we feasted on Sudanese cuisine. Other weeks Project CHOP chefs have delighted neighborhood diners with offerings from Nigeria, Syria, Egypt, Somalia, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Italy and Haiti. 

Project CHOP asks the public to pre order and pre pay from an online menu. The meals are made available Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays with curbside pick up from 3:30 to 4 pm. Family meal prices range from $29 to $49. 

Our main course potato and vegetable dama (stew). Dama dishes are common throughout Sudanese cuisine. This main course was topped with an add-on of (chicken) is basted with a mild mint sauce. 

For more details on current menus and how to order and pick up location in North Park. click here. 

Project CHOP is just one aspect of MAKE Projects, a social enterprise of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). MAKE stands for “Merging Agriculture, Kitchens + Employment.” 

MAKE’s mission is to help refugee and immigrant communities gain the skills and knowledge to build stability and success in their lives. 

Sudanese meals often offer a homemade crepe-like flat bread called gourrassa.
Traditional cucumber and tomato salad with a zesty peanut dressing.
Basbousa is a popular regional yogurt and semolina cake that has been soaked in citrus syrup. 

Each week cuisine from a different country or region is showcased. For this blog post it was the East African nation of Sudan. 

 Main course Dama stew is topped with an add-on of (salmon) and accompanied by a delicious Arabic influenced roasted carrot salad. 


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