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Sunday, January 3, 2021


What kind of person does something so stupid that would instill a desire in the average citizen to punch the jerk in the mouth?  Defeated one-term President's need not apply.

Here's a candidate.  We publish the photo so you can download it for a dart board target.

Wisconsin pharmacist [license no. 12688-40] in Grafton, Wisconsin deliberately caused to be destroyed 57 vials of Moderna coronavirus vaccine that contained 570 doses of Covid-19 vaccine. 57 people at Advocate Aurora Health Hospital were injected with the tampered vials over the Christmas holiday. 

Officially, the man has not been identified by law enforcement who arrested him but the media in checking the roster of inmates at Ozaukee County jail showed that Steven Brandenburg, 46, was booked last Thursday on the same charges. Coincidence? Preliminary charges are criminal damage to property and second-degree recklessly endangering safety, both of which are felonies. More charges might be pending. We thought you might like to view what this man looked like in case you need to avoid him after he gets released from jail. 

And, if he ever lands another job in a pharmacy the public deserves the right to know what he did before patronizing that drug store.

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