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Saturday, July 10, 2021


Cielito Garden Cafe located in Plaza de las Americas, Juarez, Mexico
Just when you thought your collection of exotic and hard-to-find coffee brands was complete, here comes Juarez, Mexico. This border city just south of the Rio Grande and El Paso boasts more than 300 coffee operations. 

Showcasing just one is our look at Cielito Garden Café, an upscale kiosk in Juarez Mexico. There you can buy Mexican origin beans by the kilo or traditional house 12 oz. selections sizes from Chiapas, and Coatepec for under $5 US. A kilo of beans sells for $16 US. 

Cielito Garden Café is located in the modern Plaza de las Americas, a mall just south of the International Border along Highway 45. It’s a mall so there’s plenty of parking. If you call yourself a true bucket list collector of coffee shops add Cielito Garden Café to your journey to taste every bean ever grown. One down 299 to go. 


Grano Santo Café—Av. De la Raza 6372 is stylish and coffee-centric with pastries and bebidas frias for this sunny desert city.

Black Coffee Gallery—Paseo de la Victoria #2641-A is always near the top or at the top with locals best in the city lists. 

Cafesote—Av. Abraham Lincoln 1093 matches good food and coffee in a gregarious setting. 

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