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Saturday, December 18, 2021


Shavi Coffee Roasters 

GUEST BLOG / By Jason Alexander, Contributor/Coffee Correspondent at Coffee Roasters on Zandukeli Street in the southwest side of Tbilisi, Georgia arrived very late in 2021, but we are very glad it did. That seems to be a pretty universal sentiment around here. Tbilisi isn’t famous for its coffee. Only a couple of places so far have been generally regarded as very good. Shavi, however, is extremely good. 

Ryan and Laurie McCarrel of Magnolia Film Lab and Fotografia gallery saw the need for finer coffee in Tbilisi and, with the support of their business partner Thibault Flament of Metis restaurant, they made it happen. Slovak roaster Jakub Sevcik works with Ryan to create light to medium roast; their lighter one is nearly Nordic. 

We had their batch brew the day they opened, and it was perfect: juicy, just the right inflection of acidity, complex. 

We knew we’d be back. 

They also have some tasty eats, sourced from bakers and producers in their own neighborhood of Vera: the bagels, for instance, are from Bagelin, and the quiche from Au Ble D’Or. And they offer banana bread and avocado toast, too. 

It’s encouraging to see a successful new venture after such difficult times, and we hope it is a sign of better days to come. 

 Shavi Coffee Roasters 

40 Mikheil Zandukeli Street 

Tibilsi, Georgia 

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