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Saturday, December 4, 2021


GUEST BLOG / Jeff H., Yelp blogger from Vienna’ Margareten district
--Just two blocks from the historic center of Vienna, this tiny place is well worth the stop.

If you live in Vienna one of the skills you need to acquire is the "how and when" to grab a spot at a table inside the Kleines Café. 

This is a true art .... as it's not called "Kleines Café" (Little Café) for no reason. I am not going to give out any tips on this skill at all, because I always want my table when I go there and I don't want too many people to learn the tricks of the trade as it applies to the venerable Kleines Café in Vienna. 

Now lets get to the atmosphere - cool, warm, charmant, feel-good, intimate are all perfect adjectives to describe this establishment.. I don't smoke ... but it's awesome they still allow smoking here so I can go with my cigarette-smoking buds and they can smoke if they choose to ... and this little nook smells just like an old Viennese Café should. (Hey this place is not a Starbucks ...) 

Newspapers - excellent collection. The selection reflects the intellectual base of their clientele.

Food & drink - All the traditional libations of a Viennese café are here ... and I always eat the Schnittlauchbrot (Chives Bread). It's simply the best in Vienna. Don't just take my word on that .... ask anyone who knows Vienna well. 

In warmer weather you can sit outside which is fine because Kleines Cafe is on the picturesque Franziskanerplatz. But sitting inside in winter, that's the total best. Hey, good luck on getting a seat!! 

Chive sandwich

Kleines Café Franziskanerplatz 3 Vienna 1010 Austria.

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