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Sunday, December 26, 2021


 When Christmas Day falls on a Saturday it creates a three-day holiday event: Christmas Eve on Friday; Christmas Day and a bonus Christmas Sunday. To share this extra Christmas here are a few “still in the spirit” items for us to enjoy. 

Let's face it few of us received a Christmas card from the royals or the ex-royals for that matter.  So here's what we missed from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex: Harry and Meghan Windsor and the kids:

Closer to home, here's a Christmas card that you and I paid for out of White House pettycash.  It's a card from Joe and Jill Biden.  It's our first Christmas as a nation with a normal President.  And, Dr. Jill is a great First Lady.  And, there's nothing wrong with having nice folks leading the nation for a change.  Yes, his eyes are closed at the picture snap.  Who among us hasn't done the same thing? eh? Relax.

How cool would it be to wake up Christmas morning aboard the International Space Station and be part of an astronaut team that has a sense of holiday style.   Nice pajamas!  Clockwise from left: Jessica Meir, Luca Parmitano, Dr. Andrew Morgan and Christina Koch.  Jessica is Jewish but she's into celebrating all the holidays.  She's wearing Hanukah socks (trust us) for the occasion.

When sixth grade teacher Mr. Friedley suggested I go help paint the Nativity Scene for Sherman School's holiday extravaganza I knew right there I'd never be a singer much less a member of the Vienna Boys Choir.  But, every Xmas morning I have my own tradition: jump in the shower and sing "O, holy night," the best carol ever.
And, before you get your XXL sailor suit in a snit there has been a Vienna Girls Choir since 2004.  No word, however, has been heard if a Transgender Vienna choir is in the works.  Stay tuned.

Below: The Vienna Girls Choir with Choir Master.

After failing to locate the exact location of Santa's village on the North Pole, NASA today sent the multi-billion dollar Webb Telescope (below) off into space on the off chance the jolly ol' elf might be flying in from another planet.

Santa took time from his busy schedule avoiding NORAD radar to land aboard the USS Carl Vinson, a 5,000 sailor-filled aircraft carrier currently deployed overseas. Santa was a bit overwhelmed that the sailor on his lap asked for a new Chevy truck, but he said he'd check his inventory and see what he could do.

Darn it, this was the year we were planning to take in the Christmas Parade of Lights at Navy Base Guam, but our invitation to decorate our boat was lost in the mail. There's always next year.

That's it for now.  Gotta get back to my best ever box of legos present that Santa left under the tree last night.  Looks like we'll be at this until next year.  Let's hope the Vatican doesn't add a new building by then.

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