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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


SYMBOLS OF FREEDOM—This blog has collected three amazing documentaries from You Tube on a trio of aircraft whose design, manufacture and performance symbolizes the American industrial spirit.

#1--B-17 “Flying Fortress” documentary

Comment: At the peak of WWII Boeing’s Seattle plant cranked out 16 B-17s per day.
All three B-17 factories (also Lockheed, Douglas) built a remarkable 140 bombers per day.
In total 12,000 were manufactured for war with 5,000 being destroyed as a result of combat.

#2--“Air Force One” documentary

Comment: Flying command center and symbol of America in peace and war.

#3—“Tom Cat” Documentary

Comment: Exhaustive intro into role of Navy aircraft carriers rolls on before the F-14 is documented in this film.

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