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Sunday, August 12, 2012


BEST LAID PLANS--OK, you’re on spouse number five, but you’ve got bucks to deal with the agony of four ex’s. Now that you’re hooking up with your next latest and greatest you’ve discovered problem #1:
Where to honeymoon that you haven’t already been?

The blog has a suggestion: A week at the Poseidon Undersea Resort from Fiji costs $30,000 per couple and it includes transportation from the International Airport of Fiji, four nights in a luxury beachfront or over water villa, two nights in a luxury underwater suite, diving onboard a luxury expedition submarine outside the lagoon and many more attractions.

The undersea digs are 40 feet below sea level in a clear Fiji lagoon. There’s an elevator that takes you down to the 24 below ocean suites. Every underwater room has a double bed and huge windows of acrylic plastic which fade into the ceiling allowing stunning blue water and you can feed the fish with a special remote control device.

Oh, wait, there’s problem #2. The darn thing hasn’t been built.

Problem #3. There’s been a coup in Fiji? Opps,new government. Revise the honeymoon plans to the Poseidon because the recent bad economy worldwide has put the completion date for the Fiji underwater resort –well, underwater. But, according to Bruce Jones, Poseidon’s president, he claims 120,000 lookie loos have contacted him waiting to be informed when the project finally surfaces.

Problem #4. But will Poseidon Resort competitors beat him to his underwater hotel tourism concept? Check the Yahoo Travel link below because another developer that has seemingly taken a used U.S.S. Enterprise starship and revamped it for offshore Dubai. Stay tuned for who will go underwater first.

Update: Check Yahoo Travel

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