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Friday, August 3, 2012


LIFE SAVERS--San Diego in many ways is America’s smallest big city. Yes, population-wise San Diego’s vast city limits is home to 1.8 million but when it comes to tallying a list of high employing corporations, San Diego is way down the list. Simply put other California cities like San Francisco, San Jose and LA have more big sized corporations.

As a result, San Diego exists on small businesses. About 55,000 business have 20 or fewer employees in this area. Entrepreneurs are attracted to San Diego because in many ways, this California cul de sac is a perfect test market. If an idea flys locally most likely it will work on a national scale. Plus, the work force is highly educated and available.

Tourism is big in San Diego. There are plenty of restaurants and saloons to give flow to a thriving food and beverage based economy. One innovative idea is coming in on the shoulders of the hospitality industry. Sober Scooters started up this year in San Diego. It is a designated driving service that drives you home in your car. San Diego residents now have a viable solution of being able to drive their own vehicle for a night out and know both they and their vehicle will arrive safely at home at the end of their evening out. No DUI's! Say goodbye to Taxi's, worrying about how you're going to get your car in the morning or being there by 8 a.m. to avoid a ticket. So far, they offer no cures for hangovers unless saving the estimated $10,000 in court and attorney fees that come with even the first drunk driving arrest.

What does it cost?
$25 for the first 5 miles then $2 a mile
$10 fee for pick up services outside the Primary Service Area
$3/mile outside of Primary Service Area
$60/hr Private Chauffeur Service Available (We drive your car)
10% discount when reservations made a minimum of 2 hours prior to pick up.
Military with ID always receive $5 off fare.

Hours: Open 7 days 8 pm to 3 pm.
Phone: 1 (858) 999-0538

How Sober Scooters Works:
1. Once you realize you’ve had too much to drink call 858-999-0538 to start the process.
2. When Sober Scooter driver arrives, folds up all-electric motorized scooter and places it in trunk of your car.
3. Customer hands keys to Sober Scooter driver, who drives you home in your car.
4. Driver then scoots to next customer

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