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Thursday, January 5, 2012


REALLY FAST FOOD—A pair of twenty-somethings, who felt it was time to make their mark in the world took the experience they gained in restaurant management to launch a year-old rolling restaurant that’s in the process of revolutionizing catering truck cuisine.

More than a year ago, Best friends, Juan Miron (left in picture) and Kevin Ho informed their respective spouse and girlfriend that they bought on Craig’s List a very used 1984 Chevy truck (aka lunch wagon) and launch MIHO Gastrotruck. Outside of the long, long hours they haven’t regretted the move.

The concept is simple. They took the experience they gained while working at North Park’s The Linkery restaurant and applied the farm to table concept to their Gastrotruck. Both believed San Diegans would support them if they provided high quality, healthy food at reasonable prices.

They use Social Media to announce where MIHO Gastrotruck will be during the work week. Best locations so far are business complexes in mid to North County, where access to restaurants is limited. “We won’t compromise on our ingredients,” says Juan. “ Everything is fresh and local,” adds Kevin. A favorite with customers is the all natural Duroc pork loin sandwich stuffed w/ bacon, local wild mushrooms, local braised greens, & walnuts, cranberry orange relish, dijon aioli, gouda, local rosemary focaccia at $7.95.

Note: This article first appeared recently in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine by Thomas Shess.
Images: Courtesy of MiHO website

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