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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


OH, HENRY BEGINNING--It was the best of times, it was the Dickens of times or maybe it was the night before Christmas? Whatever it was, it is what it is.

It’s so easy to digress. For example, today’s post is about San Diegan Henry DeVries, who along with his daughter Karla DeVries have published a monograph “How to write a book in Kindle style” with a subhead “Book Style in a 2012 Kindle World.” It’s for real. Skip to the bottom for a search engine address for this excellent read.

It’s clear to me now; Henry and Karla are Rand & McNally for the e-book set. If you follow their word maps you’ll be publishing your work in a Kindle world in no time. I’m a believer. And, I’m starting my Kindle novel—pronto, but first some unfinished business.

It has been my dream for years to publish a mystery. Alas, it has been languishing on the shelf with real dust for a cover. It has been maligned by editors and called an ithyphallic tome by literary agents ranging from Italy to Itapecerica de Serra. It has been lambasted by being called an itty-bitty work itching to fail by falling on to itself because of an itemized lack of avoiding the word “it.”

It is a new day! No longer can those smug literary agents peer and sneer over their reading glasses. Ha! Thanks to Kindle my life’s work: “Gin Mills, Sleazy Bars and Tawdry Significant Others” will find publishing nirvana. It’s now possible.

It’s also time for my medication so—at last--here’s my O’Henry ending: Read DeVries and DeVries on “How to write a book in Kindle style.” It could change your literary life and remember you read it here in italics with exclamation points, too!

Image: Kindle

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