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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


GOOD NEWS FOR A CHANGE—Keeping with the Pillar to Post theme of this blog here are three items that won’t raise your blood pressure and in one case perhaps lower it.

From National Geographic Daily News: “Dramatic New Maya Temple Discovered in Guatamala” Huge faces adorn newly discovered Sun God as Shark Man monument.

From Google: Google’s Nexus 7 Android tablet in 16 GB version is flying off the proverbial shelves. The seven-inch device offers a quad-core processor, a 1280x800 display and runs the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean. To view Google’s first adv. for the product go to:

From Real Age via ShareCare. Now here is some news we all could use: What are some healthy late-night snacks. The aforementioned sites recommend the following from data provided by Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics not to be confused with the Academy of Nuts to Diets (sorry).
Here are a few snacks that won't disturb your sleep or your healthy diet:
--Instead of potato chips, have some carrot sticks or fresh cucumber chunks.
--Seasoned, air-popped popcorn or a handful of nuts also make healthy, low-calorie evening snacks.
Craving something sweet?
--Try fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and melon.
--As an alternative to ice cream, fat-free yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese with fresh fruit like pineapple can satisfy your cravings.
--Eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day also can help curb the desire to indulge in the wee hours.

Image: National Geographic Magazine’s online site.

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