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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


GUEST BLOG/By Ryan Lamb, Executive Editor West Coaster

48 & COUNTING—In the past two days, San Diego brewing operations tapped their first beers. Rough Draft Brewing Company in Mira Mesa hosted an invite-only soft opening Friday and a sold-out grand opening event on Saturday, while Julian Brewing Company, operating out of The Bailey Wood Pit Barbecue, tapped their inaugural “Bailey Pale Ale” on Friday. A dry-hopped cask of the beer went on tab on Saturday.

While it may be unusual for two spots to start serving suds on the same day, it’s indicative of the rapid growth in San Diego’s brewing industry. To give you more perspective on that, yesterday we counted up all the active and planned brew houses in San Diego County — currently there are 48 licensed and operational, with about 15 or so more in-the-works.

In 2012 alone, five have opened their doors (including this week’s debutants). We can only wonder what heights our beer will reach come 2013, with the Craft Brewers Conference coming up this May and San Diego Beer Week right around the corner in November?

Update: San Diego County's 49th brewery was announced in Mid-March 2012, by Rip Current Brewing Company plans to open this summer at its newly acquired location in San Marcos, CA.

Source: This breaking craft beer news first appeared in Check West Coaster's blog for more details on the new operation.

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