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Monday, March 26, 2012


SINGING SENSATION--With the advent of all the new “Idol” type entertainment shows young talents are getting the spotlight more than ever before, especially singers. But I’ve always been curious why some marvelous voices get a big ho hum by the public while others cause us to stand up and cheer. Must be something to do with their voices having a certain “catch” to them.

We’ve all heard that catch in the pop voices from Sarah McLachlan, REM, to Darius Rucker and Perla Batalla (add your favorite vocalists here).

Case in point, Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde from Lymington, England is already a recording sensation, who’s almost 16. Called simply Birdie, she’s a classically trained pianist, who has been writing her own music since she was in grammar school. But, it isn’t her piano virtuosity or music writing that is stunning--it’s that voice. The voice is haunting. Mature beyond her years. Especially notable is her 2011 hit, a rendition of “Skinny Love,” a cover of the American Group Bon Iver original

If this is news, click over to You Tube because she’s well worth a listen.. Her great uncle was Brit actor Sir Dirk Bogarde and by the time 2012 is over everyone will know her name.

Here’s to hoping this Brit, Scot, Dane and Belgian chanteuse will well handle fame and fortune and all those other imposters coming her way.

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