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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Note: Upcoming lecture by Norm Applebaum set for March 16 (details at end of blog).

GUEST BLOG—By Norm Applebaum, AIA--Great architecture is born from the single mind focused on a timeless concept. I cannot imagine how a group can create beautiful architecture using the "think tank" process of design.

Never equate quality of space with quantity of space.

My background as a musician strengthens my creative process, and as a jazz musician more so because of improvisation. The ability to play freely and create new thoughts in music is directly proportional to my innovative architectural process, allowing my mind to explore further than most architects.

My clients become my family. Their homes, and the architecture I create for them, are my children. They can never be duplicated, and the bond we share lasts a lifetime.

Studying space is the essence of architecture and a way of life for me. Any architect who designs solely on paper will never create an intelligent building.

Architecture is a totality, not just four walls and a roof.

Architecture is working together with clients to create a functional work of art. If the function isn't met, it isn't architecture.

I ask clients how they want to live, their lifestyle, and whether their taste tends toward manicured or rustic. People are the most important part of any project.

Integrity and service are the most important elements an architect can offer his clients.

A home's exterior is another room.

Architecture is my life, and I never tire of its infinite possibilities.

APPLEBAUM LECTURE—“Hello, everyone. A quick note to announce that I am lecturing at the San Diego Museum Of Art on March 16th, Friday. This talk will be a survey of my work beginning in 1975 to present. It will be held in the Copley Auditorium at 10 am and I know you will find it enlightening and interesting. I look forward to seeing you there for this Docent Lecture.” --Norm Applebaum

Sources: text from; Images from Applebaum website.

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