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Monday, March 5, 2012


BEST CITIES FOR SEX—Hold on this is not as seedy as it sounds (or looks). After all, this blog isn’t some harebrained radio talk show. When we use the “s” word, we back it up with real research. Who’s research you ask?

Just a few hours ago, Real Age, Inc., a division of Hearst Digital Media published in its blog “The 10 Best Cities for Sex,” where they uttered the immortal words: “What qualifies as great nookie is different for men and women, so the best cities for sex are different for each.”

Real Age discovered through its research (careful with the jokes) that best cities for sex indeed differs between the two most dominate genders on the planet. So, if your sex life is a bit droopy maybe you’d better consult Rand & McNally instead that pricy therapist or singles bar.

Oh, and what are the ten best cities, you ask?

Well, you’re just going to have to go to Real Age’s website to learn for yourself. Real Age just posted the research on their website and blog sites a few hours ago and they deserve the clicks, after all, they did all the research. However as a public service here are the web and blog links:


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