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Monday, June 8, 2015


In a socialist country there is no time for selecting one bird over another as the national feathery friend.  If such a title existed, the flamboyance of the peacock is our choice as it captures the colors and spirit of Cuba.  
Editor’s note: On a daily basis from June 1 thru June 30, 2015 Pillar to Post online magazine is featuring articles, photos and insights resulting from a recent group tour, an adventure we dubbed: the April 23 Brigade’s Tour of Cuba 2015.  

All photographs by Bruce Henderson, April 2015

Havana skyline from the East / Fortaleza La Cabana
Pillar to Post thanks top photographer Bruce Henderson of Rancho Santa Fe, California for contributing so many of his image to this special series on Cuba.  He’s prolific in the number of shots he takes and his command of the frame and subject matter is only surpassed by his keen sense of lighting.  Bruce is always exploring and inventing ways to produce the next best perfect shot. 
Romantic Cuba: View from the Cienfuegos Yacht Club restaurant

Havana’s antique car rush hour.

Music is the soul of Cuba
Havana's North shore skyline with Hotel Nacional (center).
Mojito row
Food demonstration at Arte Chef Restaurant with groupmember Nancy Henderson
Vintage sportscar (rare) with garage (more rare).
Afternoon tropical storm in Havana drops five inches of rain in two hours
Cobblestone streets of UNESCO World Heritage City, Trinidad, Cuba
Stately entrance to the 1930 Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Main lunch entree (shredded pork) at Arte Chef Restaurant
The Studio of Jose Fuster, one of Cuba's living artistic legends.
Good buddy, a little rum, nice day--thumbs up.
Doesn't get any cooler than taking a spin in a vintage Ford around Havana.
Dawn over the Straits of Florida from upper floor of of Havana's Hotel Nacional

Mercado San Jose along Havana's lower Eastside waterfront.

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