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Sunday, June 28, 2015


Cuba is in the midst of a new and ongoing revolution.  No bloodshed, yet, but the battleground involves property rights, including the right for Cubans to rent out their apartments, flats, homes (or rooms) to tourists and keep the money.

In the name of expanding touri$m, the Castro$ aren’t $tanding in the way.  An example of that lack of scrutiny from the top, is Airbnb’s recent arrival on the island.

However, as romantic and adventuresome as some of the accommodations may appear on all the new Internet rental sites, be wary when it comes to toilet arrangements.  How far away from the nearest toilet is that $30 beachfront aerie?  And, how many will be sharing it with you?  Sorry, to be so rudimentary but remember folks, nature calls as often as the proverbial in-law on a honeymoon.  And, does your restroom come with any kind of service to remove the unmentionable and definitely unflushable Charmin? OK, I’m as DIY as the next guy but don’t pay $200 a night for toilet trauma--negotiate!

Other nagging considerations are running water (hot water mas y menos) and electricity.  And, a word from one Havana cab driver: don't walk under balconies during the rainy season.

Of course, many, many accommodations in Cuba are not so rustic, but the point here is don’t take nada for granted.

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