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Saturday, June 27, 2015


Editor’s note: On a daily basis from June 1 thru June 30, 2015 Pillar to Post online magazine is featuring articles, photos and insights resulting from a recent group tour, an adventure we dubbed: the April 23 Brigade’s Tour of Cuba 2015. 

Cubans are no different than the rest of the world when it comes to having a cup of coffee in the morning while reading the newspaper.

In Cuba, there’s not a lot of time spent choosing your newspaper.  The state run press is called Granma and El President Fidel still writes articles on a regular basis. It was founded in 1965 and continues to be the official voice of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee.  It proudly claims (1997) that it was one of the first newspapers to put all its content on the Internet.

As for coffee, there’s a bit more variety.

Cubita is a strong brew, usually found in the ubiquitous café con leche (espresso with a dash of steamed milk and a bit of a froth).  Cubita is100% arabica coffee beans are grown in the Sierra Maestra and Sierra del Escambray mountains in Cuba.

Another brand I’ve tasted is Café Regil by Empressa CubaCafe. I brought home 250 grams that I purchased at the cigar store at Castillo del Morro fortress across the harbor from Old Havana.  I compare it favorably with Café Bustelo, which is U.S. made.  Café Regil was readily available in shops throughout Havana.

I prefer making my Cuban coffee drip style with a #2 filter, hot water and two scoops of Café Bustelo that is easily found in California.

For you coffee purists may I suggest the following tutorials:

On YouTube Martica Gonzalez will tutor you on how to make Cuban coffee at home:

Gringo’s guide on how to make café con leche.  Florida tutor gets the job done and he uses my favorite coffee brand (Café Bustelo--made in Miami).

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